Lochgoilhead Village Hall Life story

Lochgoilhead Village Hall Life story

An Abstract from the Declaration of Trust and Feu Charter

Of Lochgoilhead Village Hall from 1887

In November 1897 a group of residents with property within the parish of Lochgoilhead made an application to the land authority to purchase a feu of land from the Ardkinglas estate. An acre of land was purchased to erect a public hall for the inhabitants of Lochgoilhead and Douglas pier. The application was granted in September 1897 for a hall, bowling club and tennis court with all land and buildings to be held in trust by Trustees living and few holders in the area of Douglas Pier and Lochgoilhead, never to be sold with any change to buildings and ground to be approved by hall trustees.

The Hall has seen many changes inside and out over the years to improve this facility. For many years the hall was a temperance building regarding the drinking of alcohol. The reading room now called the library was an asset for meetings over the years.

Items of interest displayed in the Hall Library comprise of Cups and a Shield from past sports and activities which include shooting, swimming and football.  There is also a Jug from the Old Gibson Church, a building long since gone from the centre of the village.  Pictures around the room show how Lochgoilhead looked in years gone by, also with the Community Council Convener’s starting with Mr Ian Hossack in 1977 followed by Mr Donald Black in 1980, Donald was responsible for  bring the bowling green and Multi-court Elma MacGregor in 1988 and Iain MacInnes MBE in 1991.  Another picture of interest is of 15 residents 1939 to 1945 Anniversary     V-J- Day Commemoration Service, Lochgoilhead.   Within a Display Cabinet is an old collection of Encyclopaedias.

In the main Hall there are two local Remembrance Roll of Honour plaques “To King and Country Lest we Forget 1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945”.

Also displayed is a stained-glass panel which was part of the windows rescued from the old Gibson Church before it was demolished.  It was unveiled by Eileen Fergusson Burn, Great, Great Grand Daughter of the original benefactors Fergusson family (The Lodge).  Other framed awards to the community include the Queen’s Jubilee extension plaque.

The most recent change was in 2002 when the Queen Jubilee extension was completed by renovating the complete building, with the adding of an extra hall and storage area this brought the building back to the 21st century.

In 2017 a group of local volunteers named the hall support group repainted the hall enterer and replaced lighting to a high slandered giving the hub of our community a warm and inviting feeling as you enter.

With this revamp and inviting feeling as you enter we can now cater for weddings and all other actives to a high standard with lots off extras to fit any occasion with suppliers available to support your requirements, with Occasional licences applied for and granted by Argyll and Bute Licensing Board for your event.

The trustees supported by the community and others keep this hall up to date with all changes in the life of a rural community.

Hall Trustees

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