Report on A83 Task Force meeting – 29th September 2022

I attended the Task Force number 22 (which I have attended most of) on Thursday past the 29th, with around 50 in attendance including transport minister and the new technical consultants plus Bear and Transport Scotland. In short, a breakdown/update of the meeting:

  • The traffic lights on the Rest will be removed by end of the year back to 2-way traffic, but still a careful watch on hillside 24/7
  • Forestry still planting on hillside till 2024
  • The medium-term preferred route to be agreed and announced by end of the year??
  • The long-term preferred route by spring 2023?? which is looking at 7 to 10 years to complete?

I asked a number of questions, one being how will the proposed routes affect the B road to our community? After a deadly silence from table the new consultants advised they would keep any disruption to the minimum and any closure to the road would be overnight.

It also looks like they are undecided about the forestry road as have been advised that slips could and have happened on that west side of the Glen.

Hope this finds you all well

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Iain MacInnes MBE

Community Council Convenor

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