Hello from the new owners of Loch Goil Cruisers

A message from Richard & Michelle – the new owners of Loch Goil Cruisers


October 1st saw new ownership at Loch Goil Cruisers. Richard & Michelle Hall originate from a small village near London. Richard used to run a busy marquee company and Michelle was a primary teacher, specialising in special educational needs.

‘We decided a long time ago that we’d like a change of lifestyle but it’s taken a number of years to find the right place at the right time. We visited Lochgoilhead earlier in the year and were immediately taken with the views of the loch and the surrounding countryside. As we drove along the main A road at 5.45pm and saw no other cars, we knew we had to live here.

Our three kids are grown and have ‘flown the coop’, so we decided ‘it’s now or never’. Although we’ve left them down in the south fending for themselves, we have brought our two dogs with us – Skipper & Angus – who are absolutely harmless and generally dog friendly – just barking mad, so please try to ignore them.


Hard at it…

Recently, we have been busy battling the invasion of rhododendron, trying to clear the view so potential customers can actually see the beautiful loch and our boats. You should be able to monitor progress as you drive by.

‘Get in touch’

We have a great new website and also an active Facebook account where we publish reviews, news, our own photos and those of customers. Our email address is new and you can get hold of us this way even through the colder months.

As winter draws in and we close for the season, we plan to take the boats out of the water for servicing. During this ‘less busy’ period we also hope to become more involved in the community whilst taking the opportunity to draw breath – its been a steep learning curve!’

You can contact us on:

T: 07787 516 709

E: ask@lochgoilcruisers.co.uk

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