Village Hall – Terms & Conditions

Lochgoilhead Village Hall General Terms and Conditions.

Please familiarise yourself and the members of your Group with the Fire Regulations and precautions in the building. Notices detailing actions and evacuation procedures are displayed at Main door and in all rooms.

When making your booking please make sure you allow yourself enough time for preparation and cleaning up so that sessions do not overrun.

CLUBS AND GROUPS please leave the premises as you would wish to find them by cleaning away equipment and disposing of litter.

Only alcohol purchased on the premises may be consumed in the building except by prior arrangement

To  protect the floor in main hall only indoor soft soled non-marking shoes should be worn for playing sports.

Specific Terms and Conditions.

1/ The lessees shall be held responsible for the maintenance of good order within the premises for functions and provide the number of stewards required by the management and trustees.

2/ The trustees of Lochgoilhead Village Hall (Referred to thereafter as L G Hall) shall not under any circumstances be responsible for the loss or damage to goods, property or personal effects on the premises. It is recommended that each group using the premises make their own arrangements for the safekeeping of valuables.

3/ Lessees will be held responsible for any damage to property or fittings. The introduction of any additional structure, electrical equipment, decorations or posters shall be subject to the approval of the management, and electrical equipment PAT tested and in date.

4/ No claim for damages shall lie against the L G Hall or Trustees for the failure of the lessees to obtain occupancy to the premises arising from any cause not under the control of L G Hall.

5/ L G Hall reserve the right to refuse or cancel the let (IN such cases the lessee will begiven notice of cancellation as early as possible) SUB-LETTING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

6/ Nothing shall be done or brought within the premises which in the opinion of the trustees involves extra risk to the property or public safety.

7/ Bookings by Phone or email, cancelations must also be by Phone or email with a cancelation fee of total booking if a week before event.

8/ The L G Hall or their representatives will determine a maximum number or people allowed at any function. The number of people permitted being subject to safety and fire regulations in force at any ONE TIME IS 135.

9/ The person in charge of the function is empowered to close the doors against further admission when considered necessary for the maintenance of order, and safety or for any other reason.

10/ In accordance with the law no smoking is permitted anywhere within the premises.

11/ Where children or vulnerable people are involved the lessee must have a current Child Protection policy and appropriate insurance in place it is imperative that there are an adequate number of adults in attendance to supervise children effectively following guidelines laid down by the care commission.

12/ Due to the position of the Hall in a residential area we cannot allow functions to continue with a Licence after 00.30 hrs with building empty by 1am


You will be charged if the following occurs

Excessive mess requiring additional cleaning £50

Damage to Hall property £50.

Damage to Hall fittings £100.


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