Update on Lochgoilhead Broadband

Update on Lochgoilhead Broadband

We’ve been keeping in touch with the BT project working on rolling out Fibre broadband for the Lochgoilhead exchange. Whilst they have been making some progress, (we’ve noticed some of the work being done near the cabinet in the village) we’ve not got a date for the cabinets to be enabled as yet, although they have said that they’re hoping to go live “this quarter” – which presumable now means by the end of the year. Apparently BT are now waiting for a date from the power company to let them connect the electrics.

One of the questions that has been asked about the new broadband setup is around what changes individual households will need to make to take advantage of the new fast connections. Whilst people may see some speed increases just from the move to use cabinet based connections, to get “superfast” broadband you’ll need to speak to your Internet Service Provider (e.g. Sky or BT) about getting upgraded to a “fibre broadband” package. Most UK ISPs will have these but they’ll usually charge a bit extra for it , depending on what your current package is.

If you’ve not currently got broadband, or are considering changing ISP, there are a number of resources you can look at to see which might suit your needs best. Sites like https://www.broadbandchoices.co.uk lay out some of the mainstream options in quite a easy to use way and if you’re interested in more of the detail of the different ISPs and why you might want to choose their services, there’s a good set of reviews at http://www.ispreview.co.uk/

There’s a couple of things that are worth thinking about if you do want to change your ISP when Fibre broadband becomes available. If you’re on a package including TV, mobile or landline then it is generally the most cost effective option to keep your broadband in with that bundle, so using someone like Sky or BT. However if your broadband speed or quality of connection is the most important thing to you, a specialist ISP can be the best option as they tend to focus more on those services than the big companies. Companies like Andrews & Arnold or Zen Internet have good records as ISPs and are likely to be able to provide a faster overall service, although they also tend to be more expensive to use than the more mainstream options.

We’re hoping to have more details on the date for the service to go live over the coming month, personally I’m really hoping they can get things sorted by the end of the year. When we do, there’ll be more information about what exactly the key dates are, and hopefully by then BT will be able to detail who in the villages will be able to benefit from these new cabinets.
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