The Wee Goil

The Wee Goil

Community Newspaper.


The Wee Goil is a Loch Goil Community Council sponsored newspaper intended to improve communication in the area while raising funds for local projects. Everyone involved is a volunteer. Published monthly. Available to buy in Lochgoilhead Post Office and Costcutter from the first of each month. It cost £1..


The Wee Goil welcomes contributions. Local news items, sports reports and club information published free of charge.

Letters to the editor are welcome but must not be anonymous.


  1. Full Page £40
  2. 1/2 Page £20
  3. 1/4 Page £10
  4. 1/8 Page £5
  5. For Sale Items(under £100) or Wanted Items – Free


If you would like to have a copy delivered to your door, or an electronic copy to your email address, please see the information in The Wee Goil Goil or contact them by email..

Local groups – Funding requests

The Wee Goil is a not for profit venture. If you are a local group then contact us with a brief summary of what you need the funds for, and the amount, and we will be happy to consider your request.

Join the Team

The editorial team meet on a weekday morning once a month. If you would like to contribute we would love to hear from you.

Introducing the team

  • Irene McAllister
  • Dennis Bolt
  • Lynn Bolt
  • Leonard Gow
  • Elaine Broadbent
  • Jimmy Sim
  • Jeannette Ellwood
  • Michelle Hall
  • Richard Hall

Contact the the WEE GOIL