Steeple Hill – Trailblazing…


When the email arrived from guests coming to stay at Jenny’s Bay asking ‘Are there any good mountain bike trails?’ the answer was – check the local Walking Guide and you’ll find some there… spoilt for choice.

With so many routes on offer, only they can say why they decided to choose to cycle to the top of Steeple Hill. At 1,236 feet, and with no clear path – cycling up it is not your usual way of reaching this superb viewpoint. In fact, it is possible they may be the first cyclists to do it…

Well done to the Mullin boys for trailblazing a new cycle route. Not sure I’ll be adding it to the Guide just yet.

Thanks also for sending in the picture as they stopped for a break on their way up.

And before you ask, where is the picture at the top? ‘In cloud…’.  Better luck next time.

I guess in this case it is all about the journey.

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