Rest & Be Thankful Bus Stop – Published February 2016


Despite being angry and frustrated I am determined that we will have a bus stop at the Rest and be Thankful.

I found it disappointing, that as lead Community Councillor on this project for the past five years, The Dunoon Observer paper was informed of the problem before I was . This was disheartening. I may not have been able to resolve the problem but I certainly would have contacted Argyll & Bute Transport Department.

It appears that The Council were not aware of the problem which had been highlighted by somebody from City Link on the basis of Health and Safety. This was then relayed to West Coast Motors then later to Argyll & Bute Transport Department at a time when a lot of their staff had left for the Christmas break.

The bus stop was tested, I believe, by a driver of City Link West Coast Bus Company and others who deemed it acceptable to be used for its purpose. As no H & S issues were raised the bus stop was then used for a period of some weeks. We then experienced a complete breakdown in communication which is disturbing.

With elections coming in May perhaps our representatives can see about improving automatic signage for the B828 on a road that is equally important locally as the new Forth Road Bridge.

As over the years both busses and heavy goods have used this junction and I would highlight the following points

  1. White lines, camber, gritting kerbing and lighting all points which should have be addressed.
  2. Touring coaches using the actual bus turning circle: Signs are in place stating local service busses only.
  3. Police records confirm only minor incidents have occurred at this junction over many years.
  4. Widening of corner from bus stop turning circle back onto single track road: This should have been addressed when road works were being done on the B828 down to the A83 by Argyll & Bute Roads Department. This upgrade was part funded by Argyll Timber Haulage group from the Forestry Road.
  5. Agencies working and communicating!! This has fallen well short of what one would expect from those well paid people looking after our community interest. As a volunteer for many years I have rarely been beaten on any issue and am determined to find a solution for this one.

I now have the support from Jane MacLeod of MacLeod Homes in Lochgilphead who is a Solicitor and also a member of the Mid Argyll Chamber of Commerce and Mike Story, Chair of the A83 marketing Sub Group. The turning circle will be added to the A83 Task Force Agenda on Monday 25th January and also the Agenda at the Cowal Transport Forum Friday 29th January.

Lochgoilhead had a bus stop for many years at the top of the Rest and will have one again!

Iain MacInnes Lochgoilhead Community Council Vice Chair. Lead Councillor for this project and local roads.



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