Nest Box Challenge – Loch Goil – February 2018

The British Trust for Ornithology is asking us to take part in their annual Nest Box Challenge 14th – 21st February and to help monitor the breeding success of birds in Lochgoilhead and within the UK. To take part, simply register your nest box online at  and then give regular updates on whether it is used, what birds are using it, and the progress of any nests. And if you have any other nests in your garden, they want to know about those too!

For those of you who fancy making your own nest box, take a look at these simple instructions:  Nest Box Construction

And how about making a ‘Nesting Ball’ whilst you’re at it, to provide all the nesting material your garden birds might need? Make a Nest Ball

Thank you to Michelle Hall from Loch Goil Cruisers for sharing this info.

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