Loch Goil and its Ice Age landscape – well worth a look…

Thank you to holiday home owner Jim Thomson for sharing his research paper on Loch Goil and its Ice Age landscape.

You don’t have to be a total geek to enjoy, and appreciate, the work that has gone into the contents.

Something to plan ahead for:


I have had a long interest in energy issues (I’ve worked in the nuclear and oil and gas industries), so global warming caused by fossil fuels is also of interest. Then, after we bought our property in Lochgoilhead in 2003, I became intrigued by the strange Ice Age geology of Cowal and the Arrochar Alps.

I am now semi-retired, and I’m studying part-time for a master’s degree in Earth Science, which I should finish in 2019. Earth Science looks at past climate change and its effects on geology over many millions of years. It also considers the prediction of future climate and sea level. So, this course allows me to combine my interests in energy issues, climate change and Lochgoilhead, all in one!

These slides are my views about how the Ice Age affected Lochgoilhead in the past, and how climate change may affect Lochgoilhead in the future.  Jim Thomson



View the document here



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