Hub Lochgoilhead – Research Report


Lochgoilhead Research Report
Feasibility Report and Options Appraisal

Lochgoilhead Hub Steering Group March 2016

After months of applying for funding, writing briefs, sourcing, interviewing and hiring a consultant, plus community engagement involving open meetings, stakeholder interviews and surveys, we are pleased to present the completed report.

Report brief:
Look into the feasibility of the community developing the land which is being held in trust at the moment, and turning it into a viable, profit making business that will have direct social and environmental impact on the immediate area.

The report can be viewed online, downloaded and printed.

Printed copies are available to view in the Post Office and Surgery. (from 27th April)

It is important that this report is available to all members of our community. Email us if you would like to request a printed copy for anyone who is not able to access it online.

The report states under Section 5:

Recommendations and Next Steps
The research conducted as part of this consultation process, has demonstrated that whilst there are some concerns with the viability or location of the proposed Hub, there is support for the project from stakeholders, local residents and second home owners. We would recommend that the Hub Group proceeds to the next stage of setting out an interim business case (which Community Enterprise will produce), then embarking on a Development Officer led period of fleshing out the idea, identifying tenants, suppliers and delivery partners.

There is much work to be done to make this a reality. The information contained in the report will be the foundation to allow the Steering Group to move forward on the next step of the development plan.

We invite you to read the report.

View and download the Lochgoilhead Research Report


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