Donich Circular Walk – Update

Donich Circular Walk – Update

How does the saying go? “Where there’s muck there’s brass”. Well, there is plenty of muck on one part of the popular Donich Circular Walk outside Lochgoilhead.

Work is in full gear for the creation of the Donich Hydro Scheme. There are notices at the start of the Lochgoilhead to Inverglus section advising of the work. If you are doing the Cowal Way, no part of this section is being affected. If you plan on doing the circular walk then be aware that while the path back down from the Donich Falls to the village is still open, you have to be careful of the heavy equipment (do you really need to be told that) and as you will see in the pictures – there is mud. There is lots of mud. Tortuous and difficult walking. Having just done it I’d say best to give it a miss until they have reinstated the path – which is the plan.

So, access to the Donich Falls via the Cowal Way route is still available, but you are best to turn around at the top and come back down the way you came. It is expected that on completion the Hydro Scheme will provide some income to the community.

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