Cormonachan Woodlands Association

Cormonachan Woodlands Association

The Cormonachan Woodlands Association is looking for new members to support and/or volunteer to help look after these 58.9 hectare Atlantic oak and hazel community woodlands.

  • Adult individual membership is £10.00 pa for local residents
  • Children’s membership is free up to the age of 16
  • Associate membership for visitors is £5.00 pa
  • Life Membership £250.00
  • Corporate membership (local businesses) is £50.00 pa.
  • See full details of membership on the application form

It would helpful when you walk around the 2.5 km paths that you would try to pull up as many rhododendrons as you can and leave them to die as they are an infestation…

The walks in the woodlands are easy to moderate and are well signposted.

There will be several Volunteer Days each year to look after the paths, maintain the woodlands, remove self-seeded Sitka spruce and invasive Rhododendron ponticum.

The new car park has spaces for 7 cars and a minibus and a disabled car parking bay.