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I am an amateur radio operator and my wife and I had a weeks holiday at Loch Long hotel (beautiful holiday and scenery). I had taken a small radio with me in the hope I could make contact with any radio hams in the area. On Sunday 21st August I made contact with another ham operator. This is the tricky bit. I am sure he said he was in the “Lochgoilhead” area. His name was Steve and he was a driver for a local bus company “a blue bus” I think he said. I missed his call sign other than it was mm0 ***. I would really like to get his complete call sign as it is the first time we had been to Scotland and my first contact on the radio actually in Scotland. I do hope you can help. I have tried various things to find his call sign but so far have failed.

Call sign “mm6cfu”

Contact: Steve Watson by email on


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