Can you hear it – Have you heard it?

Can you hear it – Have you heard it?

A noise issue is currently being investigated by the Env Health Office- it was first reported Nov 2015, but the source has STILL not been identified.

The noise is a low pitched droning sound, like an engine or generator running – the volume varies, but at it’s loudest it can be heard throughout the village and even as far as Carrick.

Because it is very low pitched it doesn’t disturb everyone – it depends on individual hearing range.

Anyone out there who has heard the noise, rest assured – it’s not you ! The noise is real – it has been recorded and has earned Lochgoilhead a place on the World Hum Database !

If anyone has any ideas/clues which could help confirm the source of the noise – and get us OFF the World Hum Database – please contact EHO on 01369 707153, or email me directly

This post has been submitted by Marlene Lightbody.

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