Bus Stop at the Rest – Report encroachments

Iain MacInnes has asked us to share this email from the Pubic Transport Office at Argyll and Bute Council.

It is to do with how to handle people parking improperly in the bus turning space at the Rest and be Thankful and possibly causing passengers not to be picked up by the coach.


Thank you for your message. Please tell anyone who spots an unauthorised vehicle in the coach stop to give us the details. A photograph is even better if they have a camera or mobile phone with them. They can email them to public.transport@argyll-bute.gov where my colleagues Steph and Martin will follow it up for them. Feel free to put that email address in the next community newsletter if you like.


If they have booked a seat on a 976 coach and there is an unauthorised  vehicle at the stop the 976 should still come in as we established beyond doubt at the site meeting that the road at the stop is more than wide enough to allow two vehicles to pass. However, if someone booked is waiting to board and there is another vehicle there, in addition to noting the details they should, if they have enough brass neck, ask the vehicle to move to the car park and  tell the driver that they’ll hold them responsible if the coach doesn’t stop.


I will say that details of both PSV and HGV vehicles noted and reported to us so far have been passed on to their offices and all have responded positively with apologies and stating that they will instruct their drivers for future.

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