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The following information was posted on 28 August 2016.

New refuse and recycling procedure – Argyll & Bute Council

The Council is introducing a new refuse collection service – keeping the blue (recycling) bin or bag uplifts as they are (every two weeks) and moving to a three-weekly schedule for one green (general waste) bin.

Q: Why is the Council changing the service?

A: We must all work together to meet the Scottish Government’s targets for increasing the amount we recycle and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Due to reduced funding we have to make choices about what we do and in how we work – so that we can continue to support our communities where most needed, to continue to invest in a prosperous future for Argyll and Bute and continue to deliver a wide range of services and be a key employer. Recycling delivers various benefits, from on-going savings to better care of the planet on which we all depend. We are therefore providing a service that maintains recycling collections. Recycling saves space in bins and saves money for services. Recycling saves money for Council services that communities have told us are important to them – for every ton of waste that goes to landfill the Council has to pay over £80 tax. Reducing waste can also save you money – figures show that every household in Scotland could save £460 a year by throwing away less food. By recycling more there will be less in your green bin. While we have seen an increase in recycling we still tend to find some of what goes in their green bins could be recycled in your blue bin.

Q: How often are bins to be collected? 

A: One green (general) waste bin will be collected every three weeks. The blue (recycling) bin or recycling bag will continue to be collected every two weeks and other local arrangements for recycling will remain the same.

Q: When will the new collection schedule start? 

A: We are making every effort to ensure the introduction of the new service goes as smoothly as possible, so we will introduce it in three phases: Mull, Kintyre, Bute, Islay and Jura – w/c 3 October 2016 Helensburgh, Lomond and Mid-Argyll – w/c 31 October 2016 Cowal, Oban and Lorn, Lismore, Tiree, Coll and Colonsay – w/c 28 November 2016

Q: What if I have two green (general waste) bins? 

A: Only one green bin will be collected every three weeks. Some exceptions will apply – please see the next question for more details. If you bought a second green bin from the Council after 11 February 2016 (the date the move to a three-weekly collection was agreed) you are welcome to claim a full refund and return it. To arrange this please email via or call 01546 605514.

Q: Which households may qualify for a second green bin? 

A: Arrangements can be made for certain households to have a second general waste green bin – where there are five or more condition that generates waste, or where families have children using nappies and all recycling options have been considered.

Q: What can I recycle? 

A: A list of what can be recycled in each area is available on the Council website – see and-environment/recycling

Q: Can I request an additional blue bin or additional bags for recycling? 

A: Yes – a second blue bin or additional recycling bags will be available for free on request. Please contact 01546 605514 to request these. Q: Are there plans to introduce food recycling in areas other than Helensburgh? A: Not at present. It is Scottish Government requirement to collect food waste in Helensburgh due to the population size. Buying and preparing only what you need can help cut down the amount of food thrown away – every household in Scotland could save £460 each year by throwing out less. See for information on how you can cut down food waste. Home composting can also save space in your green bin – see https://www.argyll- advice

Q: Where else can I recycle? 

A: Waste can also be taken to any of the Council’s civic amenity sites – see environment/recycling Q: What should I do with garden waste? A: Garden waste should be composted wherever possible. For advice please see – https://www.argyll- advice

Q: Where can I find out more about the new service? 

A: You can find out more on the council website