A83 Taskforce meeting 24th October 2017 – Report

A83 Taskforce meeting 24th October 2017

Chair Minister for transport and the Islands, Humza Yousaf

Work on the A83 at Strone Point Corner near Inveraray when it commences next year will take around 26 weeks to complete.  Discussions are ongoing with contractor regarding the works and traffic management.

Work has started on the Rest and Be Thankful landslide areas with traffic management in place. A period of around 26 weeks is anticipated on the five catchment pits in the three affected areas. There was a small landslip four weeks ago which the safety nets caught around 70 tonnes of debris therefore limiting only sludge reaching the road which was cleared by a road sweeper.  The safety nets were thereafter cleared.

Chair Minister, Humza Yousaf  will keep me informed regarding the slow progress of the Bus Stop and Turning Circle and hopes to have all concerns raised dealt with by the 1st March 2018. Like myself, he wishes this matter to be satisfactorily resolved and removed from the Agenda.

After discussion, Argyll & Bute Council suggested that they would attend to the white lining and road markings with Transport Scotland and Bear focusing on the signage and one-way systems. I made the suggestion for warning signs to be erected to assist traffic entering or leaving the A83 at our B-Road junction, however, Transport Scotland have some concerns regarding the number of signs already erected in this area.  This matter will be examined again and a report will be sent to the Minister and myself.

The Minister and all concerned will again make contact with West Coast Bus Company regarding their reluctance to service the Bus Stop over the winter period given it was fairly well used over the summer months. I pointed out that once the community had confidence in this service then the local community, visitors and day trippers would use it a lot more. This was agreed by all.

The Forestry Commission are to look at planned designated areas within their parking area for cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles including a one-way system.

Transport Scotland have a plan in place to fit a crash barrier along Loch-Restal where the coach rolled over last year.  This will take about 10 days to complete.

All material removed from the pits will be used locally as back fill on those jobs and also at Glenkinglass.

There will also be a repair job to the carriageway on the A82 south of Tarbet where a truck left the road and was hanging into the loch damaging the road side area. No date has yet been set for this but it will take place over the winter months with lights and traffic management in place for around 14 days.

Iain MacInnes

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