Survey of Transport Users in Argyll & Bute



Survey of Transport Users in Argyll & Bute

The background

This survey is being undertaken on behalf of Argyll & Bute’s Health & Social Care Partnership*, to gather data and opinions from both users and providers of transport in the area. We are doing this in preparation for future work, to investigate any opportunities and attempt to identify steps which could be taken to improve our community transport. Transport is a obviously vital to people in communities and their ability to maintain their well being and independence.

The opportunity

We have the opportunity to start identifying ‘joined up’ solutions within Argyll & Bute and take small steps towards improving what is seen as the growing challenge of transport within communities.

We would really appreciate your input on this.

Have your say

This short survey should only take a maximum of 10 minutes. By completing it you will help to make future work as useful and focused as possible. If you require any help or would like a questionnaire in another format such as large print, please call the researcher, Shona Sinclair, on 07711552094. Or email

How this survey will be used

No identifiable information will be shared with anyone outwith the research team. Please contact Shona Sinclair (details above) with any comments or queries about the survey.

Surveys need to be completed by 5pm on Wednesday 4 May 2016.

This is an opportunity for you to have your say. We really appreciate your input.

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