Up the Brack 100 times in a year.


100 Bracks!

Running up The Brack one hundred times in a year.




Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre staff in Lochgoilhead are never ones to shirk a challenge, but this one requires special recognition.

This time last year, Stanley set himself the challenge of running up The Brack (all 787m of it) one hundred times in a year… often using it as his commute into work at Lochgoilhead from his home in Arrochar. Almost a year to the day, he completed his 100th Brack, climbing the equivalent of 11 Everests in one year.

On that final weekend, with the help of other Ardroy staff, he also organised the inaugural hill race on The Brack.

The winning time was a rather bonkers 55 minutes and 16 seconds (that’s up AND down), making Gwyn Bellamy the first male home, closely followed by Val Houston as the first female with 1:06:27.

The event raised some money for Ardroy, with tea and cake afterwards and prizes for the winners.

Well done Stanley!

Thank you to Diane Cameron from Ardroy OEC for sharing the news of Stanley’s achievement. That is some commute to work… 

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